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Hello :)

This is official Blog of Tourist office "Sol Deus" from Premantura. 


We are a small, family owned, tourist agency working in field of tourism for over 15 years.
Our work is based mostly on providing private & hotel accommodation in Premantura, Medulin, Banjole and Ližnjan, but we also offer all other services like exchange office, transfers, rent a car, rent a bike, small excursions etc...
We do our job with great passion and love, and this is something that we are very proud of, every guest is like a friend and we try our best that he feels welcome. Fortunately our clinets have recognized this and many of them are contacting us year after year when they want to come to this beautiful part of Istria.
As Premantura is 5 min away from the beautiful Nature Park "Kamenjak",  this is the main reason why everyone likes to come here for their holiday.


Nature Park "Kamenjak"

If you have allready been here, or you are just planning to visit us, follow our blog and discover in every post something new, or learn some tips for your better holiday.
view at the lighthouse Porer

So... have you allready been to Premantura & you know the beauty of beaches in Cape "Kamenjak" or you still need to be mesmerized by its beauty?

In any case, if you are coming back again, or this year will be the first time that you arrive, we are waiting for you, dear traveler to provide you the best experience and enrich the memories about this magical peace of earth.


Sol Deus Tourist Office Team


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